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A Song Cycle for Six Women Who Give a Fuck

Havoc! Is an indie/pop/punk song cycle I wrote when I was feeling very powerless and angry about things I had no control over. It spans three generations of a society that ripped itself down, built itself back up, and had to teach it's daughters what was right and wrong, even if it didn't know itself.

A 5 song excerpt of Havoc! was recently produced by the 4thU Artivists in their spring fund raiser Body of Women. This combined theater raised $6000 to help end violence against women and girls. Music was provided by my band Terra and the Dactyls. Here are some videos from that! Enjoy. 

November Nine

"I am earned and you are not entitled to me."

Our closing number. Pretty obvious what this one is about. 

All the Muscles Hurt

"Why don't they come get a piece of me? I don't bruise easily and I can take it. Anything they say."

It's hard being yourself. It's okay if you're not okay. Odds are, you're not alone. 

No Vision

"Well, I though I heard someone scream. Crying out loud like a wild banshee. Turns out it was only me. I'm loosing my mind...what did I think that I had seen?"

Addiction wears many costumes. 

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